The Glory of Rock Bottom

The experience of being at rock bottom is different for everyone. For some it’s being in the place where the next step down will end your life. For others it’s at a place of total disgust for yourself and the life you’ve allowed to happen. There are varying degrees of each of these but it’s that place where you personally are capable of going no lower. It’s a scary place to be but a good place to be. Coming from a place of being completely flattened and humbled, the fear of failure is now a moot point. You have failed so totally and yet, here you are. The question becomes, what now?

This is when magic is possible.

You have no one to impress. You have already disappointed everyone.

You have nothing left to fear. The worst has already happened.

You have no friends to not let down. You are completely alone.

In this space you are allowed anything. Your life is at stake. Risks and options you might not have considered before because of pride become not only possible, but necessary.

This is where you start working in earnest to make things right.