FAILING Launch! Sept. 8, 2017


Anthony and I are excited to announce the launch of our newest book, Failing: A Self-Hurt Guide to Business Success! This will be the third book to come out of Reid & Wright Publishing, and while both Bootstrapping books were near and dear to our hearts being the first publications of our fledgling company, this one is even more so because it’s about something we’re both extremely passionate about. Success! Or more accurately, success via the flip side - failure. 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but “failure” and “failing” are bad words in entrepreneurial circles. It’s almost as if people believe that by uttering the words it could happen to them. Or it has a cringe inducing effect on those of us who have already experienced it, and come on, who among us hasn’t experienced at least a little bit of failure?

Thus we live and work in a world where we’re all experiencing the same thing but not talking about it, and it feels like we’re alone even though we aren’t. What if we all start talking about our failures? What if we’re completely open and embracing about all those embarrassing, humiliating, cringe inducing mistakes we make, and stare failure in its face so hard it loses its power? 

When we feel we’re alone in our stumbles, we are more likely to succumb and quit. But if we know what others are going through, failing becomes something else entirely. It becomes part of the journey.

Anthony is starting the conversation by generously opening up about his most personal failures in his journey from high school dropout to successful ecommerce entrepreneur. We’re talking about multi level marketing failures, startup failures, public humiliation while plumbing the depths of brain hacking failures. 

In his quest for success on his own terms, Anthony left few rocks unturned. And YOU get to benefit from his stories. Find out what NOT to do to reach the success of your dreams.

Failing: A Self-Hurt Guide to Business Success will be available for pre-order Sept. 5 and available for purchase Sept. 8. 

Come join the conversation!

Dana Barfield